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Upgrades and Galactic connections

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The time we now find ourselves in, is one of intense upgrades, where by the Pineal and Pituitary Glands are activating to the 5th, and for some, beyond the 5th dimension,

When the energies are like this I personally find, it is easier to connect and channel information from the galactics, and that any energy work that is undertaken is always much more powerful, clear, and connected. It is a great time for a multidimensional regression to be given and many people I have regressed have had very interesting experiences where they have experienced off planet lives, in-between lives, other fairy tale like dimensions. People have also channelled whilst in regression and brought back amazing information!

I love it when a Past Life Regression turns out to be something much more, where we can find out so much more than we expected. People often find that making that connection to their past, or indeed, future self, is an upgrade in itself, as it returns to them the keys and codes by way of memory, and opens them up to further expansion within their soul. It connects them to Soul on a profound level.

I will give you an example of a personal Past Life Regression that I had when I went into the School I trained at to be a guinea-pig for a new student in training : -

" I saw around me about six light beings in a brilliant white light, they just had crystalline energy bodies, it was all light and energy. They telepathically informed me they had been waiting for me, two of them came and stood at my head and I also experienced seeing a hand coming down, as if to take hold of me and lift me out. They then moved to stand in front of me, they were holding a huge diamond clear like quartz looking crystalline energy, it looked solid and heavy but at the same time it was a crystalline energy. They came forward and placed it in my heart centre. They told me they were my family, and that they had been waiting to give me this, they told me I was being upgraded and could connect to them whenever I wished. There is not much else I can tell you about this experience, except to say that it is the FEELING I had, more than anything, that was the thing I took away, the tears were running down my cheeks as I recognised them on a whole other level, a level I had not experienced before, but nevertheless I was experiencing and feeling it on some sort of telepathic level."

So you see, a Past Life Regression is not always a Past life regression, sometimes it can be a connection and experience, a channelling, an in-between life experience or a dimensional experience and even a future life experience. It can be an energetic experience on a whole different level that will upgrade you and expand your consciousness, trigger memory, gifts and abilities.

(c) copyright - Lyra Phoenix- - 25/06/20 All rights reserved

For my information on Past Life Regressions see my blog from last year


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