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In what ways can we go about accessing past lives? Various methods.

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Some people are lucky enough to have had spontaneous memories or a dream in which they just knew and could feel it was a real memory, and this is great! the best way of all in fact! we can also sometimes pick these memories or insights up within meditation or dream states. Occasionally you will also hear of people, especially children whom can remember things from past lives with ease! ... However, for most of us it is something that requires some assistance, and so we may choose to seek out someone that can help us with this, and there are certainly various options out there. The most popular one being 'Past Life Regression'.

I regularly get asked about the qualifications needed to conduct a past life regression. The truth is there are none and it is not regulated. Very often people who come to me tell me they have had a PLR before, and then proceed to tell me what the person they went to see told them, however, it is important to understand that this is not a past life regression, but a past life reading, and I have found people do get confused about this.

I will also often hear about past life regressions that were not conducted by a qualified hypnotherapist whom is qualified and specialises in past life regression, and this might occasionally brings issues with it for various reasons i will go on to explain further down.

Then to add to the mix of more confusion there is QHHT, which is the name of the system that was created from hypnosis and past life regression therapy by the late American, Dolores Cannon. Dolores wrote many books and became popular because she was one of the first to write about the interesting experiences her clients were beginning to have in regression. Dolores wrote about clients who experienced not only past lives, but future and even parallel lives, as well as lives on different planets in different dimensions. They would speak and connect with their higher-self, and the super consciousness.. Dolores Cannon then brought out the system in which is know as QHHT (Quantum healing hypnosis) in which a connection is made to the higher-self and super consciousness, and within that space the client can heal things.

Many other people who have worked within the world of hypnosis and past life regression have also worked in the same way as Dolores and had the same experiences with their clients, and this is because hypnosis gives us access to our highest aspects and the super consciousness, as well as our guides. When we are able to access and connect to that, we are then often capable of healing, even physical things.

This are many hypnotherapists whom specialise in past life regression, that have a good understanding of healing methods and the knowledge of the life beyond, me included. So It is very common nowadays for this level of connection to be accessed, as we are rising in vibration along with the planet, and past lives are not really what they were once seen as, in fact the word past is not even an accurate description, however this is perhaps another subject for another day!

What are the differences in all these therapists, intuitive's and healers who offer past life regression?

There are some holistic healers who are intuitives and some may offer past life readings but it is important to understand that this is not the same as regression, regression is memories that you are accessing, and feeling for yourself. Most people will FEEL the emotion of what is happening in their regression in the same way we tend to feel it in a dream. That emotion comes from the depths of our subconscious as a memory. And sometimes these long ago hidden memories can shape our future by how we respond to certain things in our life now, be it negative, or positive. When you are in hypnosis you are capable of accessing the super consciousness and your akashic records yourself under the guidance of the past life regression therapist, whereas a past life reader will access your memories for you, it is simply a case of which you prefer, often people will try both.

You may also find other intuitives who do "Past Life Regressions", but who are not accredited qualified hypnotherapists with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy AND Past Life Regression as a specialist subject. I add this information so that you can understand the difference. The difference here is that a qualified hypnotherapist is equipped to take you into hypnosis, which is an altered brainwave whereby you have access to your subconscious mind, including past memories. Furthermore, a hypnotherapist is also equipped and trained in how to work with the subconscious to heal any trauma or negative programmes that might be effecting your life now, and they will be capable of assisting you to reframe and leave it behind you with many various techniques should anything like that arise. It has to be said though, that in my experience, if people visit anything negative, it is usually because they are capable of understanding it's significance to them and how that knowledge can now help them break an issue, or assist them to have more understanding of something in their life.

The other difference you will probably find with a qualified hypnotherapist who is also trained in past life regression therapy, is that we will never ask you any leading questions, because we understand how suggestion can influence you.

There are also some hypnotherapists who are not trained in past life regression. To qualify in past life regression though, you do need to be a trained hypnotherapist first, for the reasons I stated above. However, not all hypnotherapists will have a belief or understanding of the life beyond or how a past life regression needs to be conducted, as well as the techniques that are sometimes needed to heal some things on a soul level.

So, to summarise if you choose to access your past life memories by having a past life regression, then all these options are available to you. Another option is to try meditation to access your akashic records or memories, there are various meditations which can easily be found on youtube, ( I intend to make one myself at some point, so check out the website if your reading this further down the line), or you could try a reader. I hope this helps somewhat to clarify many questions that I get from people on this subject..

My personal way of working is very similar to QHHT. I work multidimensionally, with healing on many levels and connecting you to the superconsciousness & your higher-self. Some things may or may not arise from a body scan, if something arises then that can be assisted to heal with various methods. You may ask questions under hypnosis.

My qualifications : I am a an accredited hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression therapist. I am also a qualified spirit releasement therapist, Angelic Reiki Master, amongst other healing qualifications. My knowledge of the after-life and spiritual subjects go back to my teens. I trained at 'Somerset School of hypnotherapy' in England, UK... of which I am a member. I am also a member of the 'Past life regression therapist association' and the 'International practitioners of holistic medicine'.

Thanks for reading :-)

Lyra Phoenix

(c) copyright - Lyra Phoenix - All rights reserved 29/08/21

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