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Online zoom group program.
8 wk discovery sessions. Monday's 7-8.30pm 
Starting 26th June 2023.

ONLY £90 for full 8 weeks for this time only! 
(Limited places! so book soon)

'Multi-dimensional Monday's

Seeing into the Past, viewing your future possibilities, your Akashic records and locating your ancestral programs are not Just for Physics, healers and therapists to do for you! YOU can connect yourself, it's Just a matter of practice.


We often look to experts to tell us things about ourselves that we assume we cannot access on our own, we want to know where issues have come from.

We'd like to know if we are anything MORE than we are aware of!

We look for reassurance and confirmation. Why do we do that? Perhaps because we sometimes think we're not capable of finding the answers within ourselves & so we are looking for someone else to tell us.

However, the truth is, we are ALL capable of connecting with those higher aspects of our soul, and when we begin to master this, our soul gives us the keys to our healing, our gifts and abilities! We hold all the answers within us, as we are everything there is.

YOU are actually all you need!


I am offering you these sessions of experience, so that you can explore and discover the Multidimensional you, and connect to that all knowing higher part of your soul that exists throughout all time and space. 


These are the places we will explore!

These will be guided hypnosis journeys for you to explore and experience, with time to discuss at the end if you wish to. They are to take you through a journey of connecting with your higher self and super-consciousness, and at the end we undertake an experiment in remote viewing.


Here is the schedule of experiences you can expect, probably in this order.

  • Activating & connecting with your higher-self in your sanctuary, scanning your body & bathing in healing waters.

  • Exploring a Past Life

  • Exploring the life between lives

  • Exploring other dimensional lives on different planets

  • Viewing your Akashic records

  • Travelling your ancestral line & locating the places for healing

  • A future self Progression

  • An experiment in future remote viewing

Although it will be on Zoom, the ability to tap into your higher aspects and the super-consciousness of time is still easily done. Just make sure you are somewhere comfortable where I can SEE your face, and that there will be no interruptions. Headphones are a good idea if you have them. Internet stability is a must, get the kids of the gaming during this depending on your bandwidth.


These sessions running over the 8 weeks will give you the opportunity to: experience connection to that higher aspect of yourself, heal parts, including ancestral, explore your star seeded self, view your future possibility, and will end with a fascinating group mind experimental journey of remote viewing. 


These guided hypnosis journeys will activate new awakenings and opportunity for further connections in places you might be yet to discover!

There will of course be the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and keep in contact within the "Master of your Journey' facebook group throughout these 8 weeks.

And there are added BONUS Discounts! 

  • An ONLINE 1-1 session to discuss further things that have arisen & have a PLR 2 hr session of regression at the price of £130 (£30 0ff)

  • A 1-1  in person 3hr session at £200 (£40 off)

There will also be the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and keep in contact within the "Master of your your Journey' facebook group of course.

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