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 Holistic Package
Hypnotherapy,Mentoring/coaching, past life regression/quantum healing.


'Breaking FREE from the chains'

"The most effective and cheapest way of tackling issues and bringing about transformation in your life.

The 'Transmuting your Journey Package' is not just about coaching/mentoring, the advantages are many!" 

  • Do you feel like your walking through mud, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't shift your issues and blocks?

  • Are you often confused and overwhelmed, with no clarity?

  • Do you lack confidence, power & belief in yourself?

  • Are you beginning to wake up to the spiritual, holistic side of life, and want to know how to connect and heal on a deeper level?

Many of you that have come to me for hypnotherapy or healing, have really wanted and needed that 1-1 connection for longer than just 2-3 sessions.

You've told me you are looking for a supportive space in which you can spend more time talking to me about things on a regular basis, and you've been eager to know more about, and experience the other modalities and techniques I use, but to do all of that separately at once is to much of a cost for you.

I get it! and I agree, there needs to be a way to cover as much as possible whilst holding space for you, and giving you MORE time at a price that is affordable, so I have created, a way that you can experience more over a longer period of time, and at an affordable price! 

Limiting beliefs, habits, traumas, pain, confusion, loss of clarity at where we are going, or even who we are! Are just some of the things many of us suffer with.

It can get confusing knowing what to deal with first, or where to even begin!

So having a 1-1 mentor to support, and guide you with transforming therapies can bring about a shift and healing on many layers, enabling you to move forward with a better connection to soul.

  • As it is online, it means it is Worldwide, so it makes no difference where you are, just as long as you have a good online connection. 

  • It's not just about mentoring & life coaching! - It includes everything I do!!  So depending on what resonates, and which blueprint you wish to follow, I will tailor it to your wants and needs.

  • The things we can weave into your package (depending on our plan together) are : Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression/Quantum healing, connecting with Soul Akashic, and many other energetic healing and clearing techniques, if your local it can even include sound healing tuning fork sessions, with Angelic Reiki.

  • This is what makes this package unique & extremely good value! As to have all these things individually on top would cost much more! 

  • For a whole 2 months, 8, sometimes 9 sessions I hold the space for your healing and expansion. Energetically you set the intention to work on yourself, and believe me, things often start happening straight away! As the combination of these two things mean that the things that need work and healing begin to show up and surface & things begin to happen.

  • You walk away with your notes I've logged each week to remind you of what was talked about and covered, along with any pdf's.

  • You will get to keep any of the hypnotherapy and Journey meditations that are recorded and sent to you, to use again and again, along with other tools you have learnt.

  • You will also be sent the crystal that was used in each session and with everything I prepared for you. The crystal sits on a grid for your healing throughout the 8 weeks. It is therefore charged with all you have accomplished and healed.

  • You get much more than just the 8 hours! (one a week) as I will spend another 4 extra hrs behind the scene preparing things, or doing longer sessions where needed!  Always making this at least 12 hours worth, often more!  PLUS you will get the added bonuses of the audio's, pdf's etc to keep.

  • And if all that isn't enough! any further Mentoring session's you need at any point a year from the date you started with me, will be discounted! .... so if you need to continue for another couple of weeks or so you can do at a discounted rate.

Here is how it works

I hold a healing space for your transformation, you commit to your journey and to do the work on yourself.

We start by looking at what you want to heal and overcome, and then talk about the methods you are open to working with, we make a rough starting plan and things develop naturally, as we follow up each week on the last week.

Whatever way you want to work with me is fine. Holistically or Spiritually, and we can discuss this in the free consultation that we have first, in order to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

As a therapist, healer, and intuitive, I work in a holistic way, using a combination of skills and abilities to assist, and guide you towards inner healing and removing limiting beliefs that could be stopping you from moving forward and stepping into your own power and sovereignty. 


We use certain tools to assess where any issues lay, then target them with various techniques and therapy.

By the end, you will have made a healing shift, gained more clarity and feel lighter, with a vision of where you are heading next, as well as the tools to use again and again to continue on your path of transformation. 

The world is changing rapidly, many people are now taking responsibility for their sovereignty, and are seeking out self-help methods that will help them connect with their creativity, so they can grow and expand into an alignment with Soul and feel happier and more fulfilled. 


There is simply no price that can be put on our well-being and happiness, but despite this, it's something we seem to put at the bottom of the pile, always placing our self last.

But you deserve more!  Whether you believe you have only one life, or many, either way, I'm sure you want to be the best you can be, the healthiest, happiest and the most fulfilled as you possibly can.


Then, this package will be perfect for you.

At least 12 hours of my time! for just £650!

This is amazing value for starters! But the above BONUSES make it even better value, because I do not charge more for any of the other services I may use within it.

For instance hypnotherapy sessions, Past Life Regression sessions, quantum healing etc

Whatever you need from my list of services will be incorporated, so that you get the very most you can for your transformation and healing. I will also be preparing things for you behind the scenes.

Now, because I know £650 can be a big outlay upfront, you can pay in two monthly instalments if this will make it more assessable to you.

Book a free discovery call with me and find out how I can help you. 


Please check your junk mail for replies to any emails!

I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Lyra. We discussed in detail what I felt the issues were and then over the course of the sessions we tackled them one by one.  I now have a set of tools I am using and will continue to do so going forward including hypnotherapy sessions recorded specifically for me.  Lyra is very perceptive and listened to what I said and so able to address my issues.

By the 5th session (I think) I had applied for a new job and by the last session I had been offered the job. Working with Lyra definitely played a part in this success - I do not think I would have applied and got the job if I had not been doing this coaching.  

I think this holistic approach is valuable in both a work and personal context.  

Thank you!

SB - Coching Client - December 2022

After having some traumatic experiences which left me very low, depressed and with absolutely no confidence I decided to opt for the package as I am spiritually minded & liked the idea of connecting more with my spiritually side. It's the best decision I could of made. I can see just how connected it all is! I feel so lifted from where I was. more able to cope now my way of looking things has changed, the hypnotherapy really helped me & also my past life made so much sense with how I am. I feel able to continue my growth now by myself & I'm really grateful to Lyra for the huge amount of time & all the tools she has given me! Thank you for allowing me to remain anonymous.

   RB - Coaching client - March 2022 

Lyra has helped me shift my perspective from what I thought I needed and wanted. I feel I know and accept who I am now which has set the tone for a new way of looking at things that feels more achievable. My confidence has risen and I am comfortable with who I am, as well more connected to my higher-self. thank you so much for all the tools you have left me with too! I will continue to use them :-) xxx

                 February 2022-  H.W - Coaching client - Hampshire

Lyra made me feel so comfortable and safe from my first session, I was able to open up to her knowing everything was confidential. Within just 8 sessions I have become so much more confident in myself and have accomplished many things that I have put of doing for years because I didn’t think I was good enough to do them.

She has given me so many tools so I can keep improving on my journey.

I couldn’t recommend her enough xxx

- Laura Rogers- Somerset - 2021

" Had a great Journey with Lyra. Very supportive, helpful and Knowledgeable.

I've come a long way working with Lyra.

                Donna Jennings 25/06/20

(coaching client)

“I have worked closely with Lyra over the past 4 months during which time she has been mentoring me.  Lyra works from a high vibration and is extremely intuitive; we have covered many areas where various skills have been implemented by Lyra including:- soul reading (speaking with my higher self), hypnotherapy, past life regression, reclaiming soul power through energetic soul healing techniques, cord cutting work - (all via online video calling - as I am the other end of the country!).  Am so grateful that Lyra has assisted me through all of this and it goes without saying that I would thoroughly recommend the many services she provides.  Lyra tailor's her work around individuals, she is empathetic, sympathetic and dynamic ...

Thank you Lyra, now and always  <3” .  

Tracey Knowles.     14/11/18.     (Coaching client)

“Lyra is an amazing teacher and healer and works with pure guides and frequencies, I don't hesitate in recommending her in her Mentoring, Coaching and Healing work”.

Lynn M Morris (Spiritual teacher - 'She is Powerful') 02/09/18

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