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Past Life Regression and Quantum healing.

* These pages are in the process of being added to and edited, more to come!

Past Lives, the subject of near death experiences, and in-between life experiences, are of course fascinating subjects. We are naturally curious to know who we once were, so that we can understand a bit more about who we are now, what we are capable of, why we struggle with certain things or have certain fears.

Very often we may have a 'feeling, a bit of an obsession maybe, with a certain era, time, or a place for instance. We may have had dreams that seemed like a memory, or for some, even experienced flash backs of past lives  within meditations.

These things can be enough to spark our interest and initiate a search for more information.

Another reason you may come to explore your higher consciousness, is a life long feeling you have had throughout life, of not feeling like you belong here. 

It's a common theme for some. Feeling you don't fit into this world, like your misplaced, want to go home, or simply don't understand this world.


If that's the case - you've come to the right place! ..

How I work & what I do.

I have conducted some very interesting Past Life Regressions, in which people have had some amazing experiences that have led to greater understandings of themselves and the life they are now living, furthermore some have experienced physical ailments disappear, after the root of the issue was cleared. Some clients have also been able to connect to a much higher consciousness and been able to access further information about themselves and much more! ....  I have come to the conclusion that to call a session a 'Past life regression', is not an accurate description of what can sometimes, and often does, now take place. I have found myself guided by my Angelic and galactic team of helpers and my own highest aspect. Those who have been working with me from the start have taken me on a journey, sent me particular cases, shown me my next steps and continue to do so. I feel really grateful to have been guided in such a way, my work has changed in the last two years and continues to change, and I love it!

I have regressed people who have regressed to off planet lives, different dimensions & life in-between lives. Some people have channelled from source or other beings that have promptly turned up! and I am perfectly comfortable with this, as it is an area of interest to me and one which I have a good understanding of. I also welcome AA & SSP experiencers!

I am now also trained as a Spirit Releasement therapist (SRT) . I did this training as it became quite apparent to me that very often the route of a persons block, illness or depression can occasionally be in the form of various energetic attatchments, and also given the nature of the client cases I am sometimes presented with, it felt important to do and understand. I have now conducted quite a few SRT cases of all kinds already! True to form, my team sent me plenty to test me.

A past life regression, for some people can turn into a healing where sometimes Soul part retrieval, attachment release, the breaking of vows, decrees, & oaths we made, or even the breaking of incantations made upon us, are released and broken, and healing can take then take place. 

The realisation of karmic repeating patterns from past lives can help us understand the why to certain behaviours and patterns we run, so that we can heal and transform it,

or we may discover the reason we have a fear or phobia, this can also heal us on many levels. 

Some people find that they are able to make better sense of certain relationships in their life by understanding what happened within the relationship before, furthermore sometimes people discover they have been together before in previous lives, and when they recall what happened, things then make more sense to them.

There are plenty of ways healing can take place during a regression. Just simply the uncovering and the knowledge of knowing, and feeling that eternal energy can be enough to heal the soul, as experiencing that loving all encompassing energy we go to when we leave our body in the in-between dimension is the realisation of what eternal life feels like.

  • A regression will usually take approx 2-3 hrs of your time here, depending on if you book PLR stand alone or include the quantum aspect. 

  • Your session will be recorded so that you can listen back to it whenever you wish.

  • Regressions will generally be quite straight forward, especially if you have come out of curiosity, but sometimes there can be issues that may arise, where by, active therapy can take place there and then in the regression with your permission if you wish. 

  • I will always ask you questions about why you have come and what you wish to get from your session, so that I can direct it as best as I can towards what you are wishing to get out of it, although this is never any guarantee you will get what is expected, so we do discuss expectations when you come. If you feel you would like to speak on the phone to clarify if this is right for you, please feel free to call.


  • In some cases you may feel afterwards that you need an explanation of what you have just experienced, and I can certainly help you unpack it so that you gain a better understanding. 

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