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Welcome to Dorset Past Life Regression, whether you live in Dorset, England, UK, or not. Wherever in the World you live you can still access sessions via Zoom, and they are just as successful.

About Me.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, specialising in Past Life Regression Therapy/Quantum healing, Holistic Coach/Mentor, Angelic Reiki Master, Advanced Ho'oponopono Practitioner, Tuning Fork Therapist, and Intuitive Channel, with a life long interest in all things spiritual and holistic. My Journey began very early in life, and for a number of years, until my late twenties I was very active within esoteric and spiritual groups, and doing various courses.

Later in life after having a family I came back to these subjects in 2015. Since then it has been a Journey of developing my own way of working through my connection and intuition. This has led to me specialising in regression to 'alternate realities' and how in this space we can heal on many levels by connecting, and plugging into the superconsciousness, and our own higher aspects. 

I have found this Journey into the realm of quantum space, which these sessions provide, can give such profound  insights!  activations, downloads, and an expansion in spiritual growth, bringing about healings, sometimes even of the physical kind. 

Some thoughts on our Journey

As we evolve, especially in these amazing Ascension times, I am sure there is much that will change, as we ALL continue to learn and adjust. I say the word 'change' because our views, opinions, emotional responses, thought process, senses, truth's, higher-wisdom and memory, cellular body, and our experience of 'time' are all changing in this intense time on earth, and this is going to continue for sometime. It really is a Journey, and on any Journey the landscape changes!  It is perhaps because of this, I call the work I do experimental. I have always been a very open minded person who tends to sitting in the middle of any theories or debates. I will listen to ideas and shelf them, until a time I get round to using both my inner knowing and discernment to come to my own truth. I have listened to theories, and tried various methods of healing along the way, and this has been a path of discovering what is, and is not true for me. I explain this because you are on this same journey, and it's beneficial for you to understand that only you can discern what feels true for you in any given moment of time, to follow the flow of discovery and connect with what resonates and assists you at that time.

Certainly in a regression and quantum experience this is what you will be doing.

How I work

The way I work is similar to QHHT, except I do work online, as well as 1-1 in person, and QHHT doesn't work online. 


It has been a Journey of experimentation, synchronicities, and guidance from higher forces that have guided me to how I work, and it continues to be, both an experimental, and guided Journey.


When you book a 3 hour session you will have the opportunity to have a body scan, meet your highest aspects, guides, and ask any questions. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect to your higher wisdom and knowings.

We tap into the super-consciousness, and people will experience this in different ways, and on different levels, depending on where they are at within their consciousness, how they are on the day, and what is needed for them, and right for them at the time. 


What will I experience?

Many various realities might be experienced : past lives, parallel lives, future lives, between lives, off planet lives, different dimensional experiences, channeling, energetic healings of various kinds, and energetic activations, however, don't under-estimate the power of just simple 'knowings' that come from good old fashioned lessons from past lives! ... Mostly people have 'stuff' that might just need some healing. Whether that is making sense of certain relationships in this life, understanding a fear or ability/gift, or experiencing the blissful connection to that source energy at the point of crossing over.



Whatever you experience, you usually come away with a deeper connection, because accessing your higher wisdom brings you into an alignment that you will take with you when you leave.


We are of course naturally curious to know who we once were, so that we can understand a bit more about who we are now, what our purpose is, what we are capable of, why we struggle with certain things or have certain fears.

Often we are just keen to know there is more to us than just this life, surely we don't go through struggles in our life to then just die. Past Life Regression helps you see, and more to the point, feel, that there is indeed much more to us than just this person we exist as now.

Another reason you may come to explore your higher-consciousness is a life long feeling you've had throughout life of feeling like you don't belong here. Many people might feel misplaced, or find it hard to fit in. Children are sometimes labeled under the ASD umbrella because this world is not quite geared up for them.

They have often come from a different energetic frequency, and so can find it difficult to adjust. Often these might be souls who have either not incarnated on this planet much, or at all. Many call these souls Star Seeds or Star Children, and it certainly makes sense that their higher frequency might be needed for the planet right now. 

However, this is actually quite common for many people to feel like this, because of the time of change we are in on earth. It is simply just you remembering who you really are!  You are needed, and you are meant to be here, in fact you chose to be here, so embrace it and smile :-)


Why do people come? and how can it help me? 

Why Past Life Regression Therapy is healing

Even without the extra time for the quantum experience, a past life regression is a healing therapy for most people. Healing can take place in many ways. Soul part healing, attachment release, cutting of cords, the breaking of vows, & oaths we made in past lives that might have a negative impact on us now, or even the breaking of incantations that might have been made an impact on us in past lifetimes, which can be healed in the session if it arises. We are also able to heal any traumas that we have carried through in our energy body, including our inner child and ancestral line. see blog Past life regression - therapy & healing here

Just the realisation of karmic repeating patterns from past lives can help us understand the why to certain behaviours and patterns we have been running, and then we can heal and transform it. Sometimes people discover the reason for a fear or phobia they have suffered with. There are so many ways to heal those deeper layers.

Often people find that they are able to make better sense of certain relationships in their life by understanding what happened within the relationship before, furthermore sometimes people discover they have been together before in previous lives, and when they recall what happened, things then make more sense to them.

There are plenty of ways healing can take place during a regression. Just simply the uncovering and the knowledge of knowing, and feeling that eternal energy can be enough to heal the soul, as experiencing that loving all encompassing energy we go to when we leave our body in the in-between dimension is the realisation of what eternal life and love feels like, it can take away our fear of death and show us the bigger picture of who we truly are.

If you've decided you want to book a session, here are some useful points of information.

  • A regression will usually take approx 2-3 hrs of your time here, depending on if you book PLR stand alone or include the quantum aspect. 

  • Your session will be recorded so that you can listen back to it whenever you wish.

  • Regressions will generally be quite straight forward, especially if you have come out of curiosity, but sometimes there can be issues that may arise, where by, active therapy can take place there and then in the regression with your permission if you wish. 

  • I will always ask you questions about why you have come and what you wish to get from your session, so that I can direct it as best as I can towards what you are wishing to get out of it, although there is never any guarantee you will get what is expected, so we do discuss expectations when you come. If you feel you would like to speak on the phone to clarify if this is right for you, please feel free to call

  • We spend time at the start to talk about why you have come, and also to unpack it all at the end.

  • The slots for PLR are Tuesday - Wednesday, and Thursday at 10am or 2pm. Saturday 10am slot. Although I am flexible. Please email me with a few day's and time's you'd ideally like to do and I will see when I am free. 

  • It is best to book a 3 hr slot, I find more than 3 hours is to much for people in one go, not all of that time is in regression as there is before and after talk, however its still a long time to be in one place, so I generally won't do longer. However, if there are circumstances in which your session has reached a conclusion sooner than 2 hrs then you'll only be charged  £160, or it might be that you already know you do not want to be longer than 2 hrs, in which case we will simply do the PLR part.

Prices : -

  •  3 hr Past life Regression/Quantum session - £210 

  • 2 hr Past Life Regression - £150

      Package sessions.

Many have been asking about having more than one session. So I have created a package that will work out cheaper for those who suit having more sessions.


This is how it works. If you have never been to me before you first book a 3 or 2 hr session, as above. This is to make sure you wish to continue and are suitable to continue with more sessions. Then if you wish to upgrade to a package, you will then be able to pay the difference in package price, and receive the remaining hours either in 1.5 hr sessions, 2 hr or 3, the choice will be yours, and we will work out what we think will work best for you. Please note if you are new to me first book a 2 or 3 hr session. If you have been before & wish to book a package straight off email me to make sure your suitable.

  • 6 hour package - £390

  • 8 hour package -  £500

To request a booking please either call & leave a message with preference for day and slot time. I will get back with some dates to choose from & book you in.



Appointments can be booked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - slot times - 10am or 2pm

and Saturdays 10am  (if you absolutely can't make any of these times, I can see what I can do to accommodate you)

Please check your junk mail for any replies!
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