Healing Therapies.

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Tuning Fork Therapy

(1-1 in person appointment)

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Tuning Forks


 Target deep layers of our well-being bringing us, our body & soul into harmony. The frequencies target fears, anxieties, traumas, negative beliefs, love understanding, connection with source, intuition, and this works on past and past life traumas and wounding as well.

I am a Tuning Fork Sound Therapist. I was trained by Founder, Director and Principle Teacher Debbi Walker.  


Tuning Forks deliver sound waves of vibration to parts of the body, both the physical and energetic. Sound transmits energy into whatever it connects with and so a strong vibration can cause a weaker vibration to then vibrate at the same frequency, and so it is that it is then possible to heal a wound, nerve, organ or relax a muscle, including the brain where of course is then able to switch off the monkey mind.


Dis-ease is often manifested by deeply blocked emotions that need releasing and transforming, and sound therapy can certainly assist with this. 

There has been research to show that when our brain listens to frequencies within beta, alpha, theta, and delta, it is calmed and the chatterbox mind is turned down or off and when we are in this place of deep relaxation we are pressing the reset button for our healthy genes to be switched back on, allowing for optimum health and well-being to be achieved. We are also connecting to our higher consciousness and are better able to hear it from a place peace, love, compassion and gratitude.

Many people find they reach a deep level of relaxation that compares to the feeling you get just before you are about to drop off to sleep. The vibrational frequency is able to target certain areas of physical, emotional and mental health, and well-being by working on your auric field and chakras, and furthermore initiates a deeper connection to soul.

Tuning Fork sound healing can compliment other modalities, and reports are suggesting results are being achieved faster with clients as they are able to go deeper into a meditative place, which then benefits the mind, body, soul and spirit.

  • A session for clearing, cleansing, and balancing helps with bringing you into alignment and will cleanse your energies, helping you feel clearer in mind and body and bring you into balance, as well as help you feel more connected.

  • Three sessions are a great option for really clearing layers. Done over 4-6 weeks. A consultation on first appointment as well as the first session of a clear, cleanse, balance, the second visit a solfeggio and third a prescription tuning fork.

  • There are many different issues Tuning fork therapy can help with, not just mental and spiritual but also physical, for instance, they have been known to help people with pain, sprains, wounds etc 

Please book via booking system, or contact and then pay via PayPal in shop on this website. thank you.


Cellular Release & Renewal Healing

(1-1 in person appointment)

Reiki Treatment

This is a combination of using tuning forks, hands on healing and talking therapy, you will be in a hypnotic deeply relaxed place connected to that highest part of your consciousness, so that you are able to initiate healing on many levels

This combination of healing creates a very powerful Journey to connecting with your body on a deep level. You will also go away with an activated crystal to continue working with


Angelic Reiki healing 

(1-1 in person, online, or absent, with or without Angel card reading).


I am an Angelic Reiki Master. Angelic Reiki was channelled by Kevin Core from Archangel Metatron and the Master Djwhal Khul in 2002/3 and has been past down from Kevin and Christine Core's teaching of it ever since, there are now many Angelic Reiki Masters world wide. 


Angelic Reiki healing is given to the client through the practitioner from the Angelic Kingdom of light. It is given by the healing angels, Masters and 100% pure light Galatic healer Masters. It is a multidimensional healing system working on many layers of consciousness throughout all space and time.

The practitioner acts as the bridge and conduit. The healing will go to exactly where it is needed, and clients usually describe the feeling as being wrapped up in a bubble of pure love, feeling very safe and secure. It is very common to hear people describe it this way.

  • It will often continue to work on you and your life for up to 2 weeks after the healing. 

  • If you would like an Angel card reading with it, there is the option.

  • I also teach Angelic Reiki to Master Level - see here for courses : -


Coaching/Mentoring session.

Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions, Coa

 There could be occasions when you may just feel a need for an hour with me as a one off or over just two or three sessions. Or maybe you've mentored with me in the past and feel a need for a follow up, and so for these circumstances I now offer one off, or pay as you sessions. However it's a good idea to bare in mind that Transmutingyourjourney Coaching/mentoring package offers a lot more for the price, as well as the fact that you will be making a commitment to your self growth, bringing more value to YOU. It is fantastic value, because it can be tailor made to you, and may include many of the different things I do, giving you  the opportunity to experience different methods, therefore this option is much better over an extended period.


Quantum healing

(1-1 in person or online)

Profile of a woman with the cosmos as a brain. The scientific concept. The brain and creat

What is quantum healing? this term is used such a lot. There are many various  ways people work, you could say all "healing" works within a quantum filed. I like to explain it like this : it is about going through the layers and accessing the super-conscious energetic, connecting you with your highest possible aspect available to you now, in order to heal your energetic print where it has been distorted, mis-aligned, or corrupted. This is done under hypnosis, connecting you to your highest-self and super-consciousness.