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Past life regression - A therapy and a healing.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Traumas. fears, emotional and physical issues.

If you look back at your life, no matter what your age is, you will see things that have happened to you, that have shaped who you have become. All of us can see where an event has shaped us, whether negatively or positively.

We can see where we have learnt certain patterns of behaviour that came about because of events and situations in our life, and we later see that these events/situations were lessons needed for our growth, the experience can become a blessing by being a catalyst for a new found strength within us, maybe one where we can make a difference to our life and even those around us.

There are times however, when sometimes we're not able to process our life experiences, perhaps because of the trauma associated with the event or experience.

The data can sit deep within our subconscious and soul’s energy body, but in hypnosis we can often access this to help release and transmute it.

Those things that are stored within our energetic body may have been having an impact on our life in a negative way by producing within us, negative emotions e.g fears, sadness, grief, anger. If these emotions have stayed stored in our energetic body then sometimes that could cause physical issues, as well as issues that stop us reaching our full potential, e.g feeling joy, feeling safe, being all we can be! And this is because we have a part of our soul missing, it got up and left, so that we could cope, BUT .. It's damaged, and to be in our full power we need it to heal and come back. We call these parts soul parts.

Physical issues are also occasionally rooted in a past life, and just the knowledge of that will shift the energy so that healing can then begin to take place on a physical level, giving us the opportunity to heal that physical issue.

We often repeat the same mistakes until we learn, so often we might discover we have repeatedly had the same issue or made the same mistake from lifetime to lifetime, we are then able to understand why it's been so difficult to change, but finding out what happened each time helps us finally see the full picture, enabling us to change it.

Here are just a few examples: -

  • A person with an alcohol issue in this life may well have had an issue with alcohol in one or more other lifetimes. The addiction has been familiar to them and therefore has been something of comfort again and again.

  • An irrational fear of enclosed spaces or water could be a result of a death experience.

  • An overweight person who maybe always eats everything even if they are full could have been in a situation where they had to eat everything they could when it was there, because they didn’t know when food may next present itself!

These are only a few simple examples just to illustrate, but of course you can imagine the many scenarios!


In death It can bring about a greater awareness of the circle of life, death, beyond, and our purpose. Someone with a fear of illness, accident and death can gain great comfort and knowing that they are so much more than this body. When regressed to a death scene almost everyone experiences that actual feeling of pure love and wholeness, they are able to see what their life was about, what they learnt, and they feel the relief that death is nothing to fear as they experience the joy of being again with loved ones, or the contentment that they are moving on to new things.


Soul mates and soul family

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly know that you absolutely Know someone? The likelihood is that you DO know them, and actually might have incarnated with them many times over, they are probably a soul mate, soul mates are usually teachers, they have agreed to come into your life to teach you a lesson, or it could be they are part of your soul family. Soul family tend to incarnate with you many times over, you might still have karmic lessons with them, but they can also be there as support, and as a partner to a purpose that together makes your light shine brighter and helps you both achieve a common particular goal in this lifetime.

Karma means that very often people are incarnated together again to balance karma, so often a Mother may have been a wife, a partner may have been your father etc there is often difficulties in our relationships due to what happened before, we are here with each other again to sort that out. In a past life regression we sometimes recognise people from that life whom are in our life now, and the penny drops! The issue might suddenly make perfect sense.

Searching and seeking the meaning to life, purpose and belonging.

Experiencing a past life regression can change a person’s perspective of life. They may feel afterwards that they have proof of something greater, something meaningful,, they may feel more of a belonging or more of a purpose, and they may find they have more of an understanding of why they have had certain experiences. It can also raise new questions and may even set them on a path to more personal and spiritual enlightenment and understanding. This in itself can initiate a lot of healing for the soul. :-)

Soul Parts and Retrieval

It is considered, by some, that we never bring all our soul energy into our body when we incarnate, and that we only bring what we wish to use for our lessons this lifetime, as our physical body would simply be unable to accommodate all of our souls energy anyway, as it is simply to dense and low in its vibration here for the whole of us.

There are some parts of our soul that are damaged due to trauma, either from this life, or a past life, and these parts can be healed and returned at the right time, however, this will only happen if you are ready for it and your soul wishes for it to return for your highest good. We sometimes loose soul parts when we have experienced trauma in life, as a way to cope and survive, often a part of our soul will leave. We can regain these parts once they are healed.

It is my personal opinion that firstly, people should not interfere with your soul parts, and secondly, they do not know why it may be missing, neither should they suggest you have one missing that needs finding and integrating back into your soul, because there maybe good reasons why it is not ready, or why it is to remain outside of you. However, having said that, if a situation of trauma to part of your soul presents itself within a PLR then it will be because it is causing you issues in your life now, and the healing of that part can them be initiated.

Incantations, decrees, oaths, vows and cords

I think it’s rare, but very occasionally I have come across situations where a person may have had an incantation placed on them that is running in their subconscious energy. However, this is not as bad as it sounds, let me explain my personal opinion on this.

Many people may tell you that these Incantations can run in this life, but it is my opinion that we are only able to run them because at some point whether in this life, because someone has told us, or in the previous life, WE have given it power. It is like everything else, just data!! So do not be alarmed when you hear people talk of incantations.

A ritual with words is a powerful energy!,

however, it’s no different to what you do to yourself everyday when you speak negatively to yourself whilst performing the ritual of eating things you know are not good for you. You attach the words to yourself with the ritual and create an energy that just keeps coming back to haunt and block you! That’s what an incantation is. I believe the only reason an incantation can affect you in this life is because you have given it power, whether in a past life or this one, and as a consequence it has stayed in your energetic body causing you issues.. However, energetically it can be easily cleared by you within regression with my guidance or even your own!​ ....because YOU hold the power.

Throughout our lives we also make vows and decrees which hold power within our energy and can run through our lives if we do not break them. In the past people made vows, not just in marriage, but also to the land, church, organisations etc. sometimes a powerful vow or decree you made in a past life can be affecting this life because the energy of that vow or decree is still running and needs breaking, rescinding. This again can be tackled in regression, by rescinding, breaking and all cutting all cords to it.


Are energetic attachments, that comes in various forms and degrees to an object, place, soul or person. A cord can be positive or negative, for instance an example of a positive cord is the cord that attaches you to your own body, without this you'd die, it is this cord which breaks when we pass over. We are also born on a cord, that cord kept us alive within our Mother, it was our life line. An example of a type of unhealthy cord would be

a cord to a person that we know that might be draining our energy, possibly because they are very dependant on you, needing of attention, or a person controlling or aggressive. So, in this instance cutting the cord energetically to them would be something that would help you, as in instances like this your energy can be drained, or you might feel depressed, attacked, anxious and generally not yourself.

So to summarise

Past life regressions can be interesting, exciting, mind expanding, spiritually expanding or a healing process. You never will know what your going to get!

Or where you will go!

You may even go to life between lives or to another dimension or planet, but that’s a whole different blog to write!

(c) Lyra Phoenix- 24/06/19 - All Rights Reserved.


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