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How Past Life Regression Therapy can initiate healing.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

How can a Past life help improve this lifetime?

If you look back at your life, no matter what your age is, you will see things that have happened to you, that have shaped who you have become. All of us can see where an event has shaped us, whether negatively or positively. We can see where we have learnt certain patterns of behaviour that have been a result of events and situations in our life, and that have given us the lessons needed to grow.

We will all experience things throughout our life that allow us the opportunity to learn lessons and to master a part of us that was maybe weaker before the experience, and in having that experience it becomes a blessing by being a catalyst for a new found strength within us, maybe one where we can make a difference to our life and even those around us. However, sometimes we are not able to process that event, or even the trauma associated with the event or experience, in a way that it can be transmuted positively in our life, and so we are often left with this energetic issue as data deep within our subconscious and soul’s energy.

Those things that are stored within our energetic data may impact our life in a negative way because they have produced within us, fears, sadness, grief, anger, in-fact the list of emotions is endless isn’t it! And we generally all know this, and we try and deal with these things as we go along in our life. We find ways of dealing with these things because we usually know what they are and where they have come from, and if we don’t know where they have come from, a therapist of various sorts may help us identify the what and the where, and then we can deal with it.

What If we have no way of reaching it and finding it because it’s actually not from this lifetime? .. This can happen, and for some people the root cause of an illness or an issue does go back to a past life, and very often it may be an issue that has been on repeat for some time, from lifetime to lifetime, making it more imbedded and difficult to change.

Here are just a few examples: -

  • A person with an alcohol issue in this life may well have had more than one lifetime where alcohol was an issue that caused problems, the addiction has been familiar to them and therefore has been something of comfort again and again.

  • An irrational fear of enclosed spaces or water could be a result of a death experience.

  • An overweight person who maybe always eats everything even if they are full could have been in a situation where they had to eat everything they could when it was there, because they didn’t know when food may next present itself!

These are only a few simple examples just to illustrate, but of course you can imagine the many scenarios!

What could PLR therapy help you heal?

Phobia’s, fears, guilt, resentment, health problems can sometime be directly linked to a past life trauma, and the uncovering of that from the past life could potentially  heal it. Many of us are walking around with all sorts of wounds and Scars, some that relate to past lives, and just knowing about them can bring understanding that releases the energy contained within us from that life.. We are, after all, made up of energy, and energy only ever transforms, energy never dies, only our physical vehicle can die, and so it is, that the energies from our experience’s can stay in our energy field from life to life, unless we deal with them at some point and release them for transmutation, therefore, it's quite common to find that some of what is playing out for us may not always be from this particular lifetime. The simple act of knowing and understanding it, can then initiate the healing, and as a hypnotherapist I can facilitate that process within the regression.

How could PLR therapy help you heal?

It can bring about a greater awareness of life and purpose when we realise where something comes from. It usually helps us, for example, we may experience a set of physical ailments that are puzzling or worrying but when we finally understand what they are presenting as in way of diagnosis, and have pin pointed what it is, then hopefully we can deal with it, providing of course that we don’t then own it! Because if we own it, we are then stuck with it, so pin pointing, in my opinion, should only ever be a means to move forward, and the same is true of any trauma from a past life.

Experiencing a past life regression can change a person’s perspective of life. They may feel afterwards that they have proof of something more, they may feel more of a belonging or more of a purpose and they may find they have more of an understanding of why they have had certain experiences. It can also raise new questions and may even set them on a path to more personal and spiritual enlightenment and understanding. This in itself can initiate a lot of healing for the soul.

Soul Parts and Retrieval

Occasionally I may come across various situations from past lives where part of a person’s soul may have detached through a traumatic experience, and so, then the bringing back of that part of soul can be facilitated.

It is considered, by some, that we never bring all our soul energy into our body when we incarnate, and that we only bring what we wish to use for our lessons this lifetime, as our physical body would simply be unable to accommodate all of our souls energy anyway, as it is simply to dense and low in its vibration here.

There are some parts of our soul that are damaged due to trauma, either from this life, or a past life, and these parts can be healed and returned at the right time, however, this will only happen if you are ready for it and your soul wishes for it to return for your highest good. We sometimes loose soul parts when we have experienced trauma in life, as in order to cope and survive, often a part of our soul will leave. We can regain this in life naturally with healing and a new found purpose born from the event, but sometimes one never regains that part during that life.

I personally feel, quite strongly, that no one should ever ‘tell’ you that you have a soul part missing which 'needs' retrieval, especially if they offer to get it for you!

It is my personal opinion that firstly, people should not interfere with your soul parts, and secondly, they do not know why it may be missing, neither should they suggest you have one missing that needs finding and integrating back into your soul, because there may be good reasons why it is not ready or why it is to remain outside of you. However, having said that, if a situation of trauma to part of your soul presents itself within a PLR then it will be because it is causing you issues in your life now, and the healing of that part can them be initiated. I can facilitate this within a regression to help YOU heal a part of your soul that at some point detached due to a traumatic event and it will certainly benefit you.


I think it’s rare, but very occasionally I have come across situations where a person may have had an incantation placed on them that is running in their subconscious energy. However, this is not as bad as it sounds, let me explain my personal opinion on this.

Yes, many of us were witches, high priests/priestesses, throughout many different times and eras where incantations were used as common practice. This may seem pretty far out for us to think of now, as we associate this type of thing with TV and films!, but it is actually part of our history and heritage, and as such, at some point in our past lives we have probably either given incantations out or received them, and more than likely, both! therefore there are some instances, where by, these may possibly still be playing out in our life, possibly just causing a block, however just being aware of this if it arises, can be enough to free the energy of this. Just by understanding the power that our words and thoughts have on our life and taking responsibility.

Many people may tell you that these Incantations can run in this life, but it is my opinion that we are only able to run them because at some point whether in this life, because someone has told us, or in the previous life, WE have given it power. It is like everything else, just data!! So do not be alarmed when you hear people talk of incantations.

Throughout our lives we also make vows and decrees which hold power within our energy and can run through our lives if we do not break them, sometimes a powerful vow or decree you made in a past life can be effecting this life, but this again can be tackled in regression.

Yes the power of ritual and words is energy, however, it’s no different to what you do to yourself everyday when you speak negatively to yourself whilst performing the ritual of stuffing your face with something you know is not good for you. (please forgive my unruly humour!) you attach the words to yourself with the ritual and create an energy that just keeps coming back to haunt and block you! That’s what an incantation is. I believe the only reason an incantation can effect you in this life is because you have given it power, and as a consequence it has stayed in your energy. However, energetically it can be easily cleared by you within regression with my guidance or even your own!​

So to summarise, past life regressions can be interesting, exciting, mind expanding, spiritually expanding or a healing process. You never will know what your going to get!

Or where you will go!

You may even go to life between lives or to another dimension or planet, but that’s a whole different blog to write!

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