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Holistic hypnotherapy

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North Dorset based.
Online appointments also possible.

"Change will lead to insight, far more than insight will lead to change"

- Milton H. Erickson

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 Holistic hypno-therapy - the way I work.

The method I like to use is a holistic one, as it gives the best outcome for my clients.

It's possible that you have already noticed, I offer a holistic coaching package that includes within it all the services I offer in one package. It has become apparent through the success of that package, that people often need more than one session to gain the most out of their therapy. Issues you may have, often run deeper than what lays on the surface. It is very often the case that what a person presents themselves with is actually very often a symptom of a deeper issue.


Have supporting sessions that follow through and go deeper gives you the opportunity to be able to shift in a way that covers, perhaps many more layers. Whether that is trauma, limiting beliefs or blocks of any kind, having the time to talk and get to the root of the issue is important, as is following up and reevaluating.

So what is hypnotherapy and how does it work?

People often say “hypnosis is an altered state of mind” well it is, but it is only an altered state that your brain goes into quite naturally in those moments just before you nod off to sleep or as you begin to wake up, when you are really comfortable and relaxed.

You can also be in hypnosis throughout the day, when you are focusing your attention on something, for example watching a film, you are experiencing those emotions as you are deeply engrossed in what you are seeing, hearing and consequently feeling. A family member might then come in and ask you something. You don’t hear them, or you answer with yes or no automatically, with no idea later what they said.

The best way of explaining hypnosis is that : –

“Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing experience in which you can let go of all tension and focus on the peace within you, switch off the outer clutter and noise and allow yourself to just be in that place of peace, calmness and deep relaxation.”

Whilst in this special place in your mind, your subconscious mind will take in positive suggestions that are for your benefit, helping you initiate those changes you need to happen in order to stop the negative self-sabotaging behaviours, habits, and beliefs, and can also access the root cause of things, and the places where your subconscious mind got stuck in trying to protect you from something."

The subconscious mind is very powerful, and the subconscious, similar to a computer, runs programs that can affect our behaviour, our thoughts, feelings and even how we perceive things. These programs have been built throughout our lifetime through our life experiences, and also conditioning, since birth, and although there are positive things, that keep us safe, and assist us, there are also programs that can be destructive, limit us, hold us back, and stop us from expanding and growing.

The subconscious is similar to a recording machine that records every thought, emotion and physical experiences, and subsequently plays them back in the form of memories or reactions, as you can imagine, the result of this can sometimes be likened to a corrupted file on a computer. Furthermore, our conditioning and belief systems can stand in the way of our health, happiness, goals and potential in the same way that our corrupted files in our subconscious can. The good news is that you are all capable of changing these with some work, there is nothing you are not capable of!

What issues can be helped with hypnotherapy?

There is not much that can't be helped with hypnotherapy, if something is an issue that you are finding difficult to change then hypnotherapy can help with it. Past Life Regression can also help with some issues and sometimes the issue can go back further than this lifetime. see Dorset Past Life Regression

There are of course the obvious popular issues that most people immediately think of like:- 

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 Weight loss, Gastric Band operationSmokingCessation, and Phobias, but hypnotherapy be used to combat all sorts of issues :-


Of all kinds! many addictions include gambling, alcohol, shopping, eating chocolate, gaming, internet, online spending, sex, drugs and I'm sure there are many more variations.


Anxiety & Depression

As well as Anxiety and depression there are many various other anxiety related disorders that can benefit from hypnotherapy : panic attacks, self-confidence, self esteem, grief, OCD and PTSD, are Just some! And furthermore, there are variations on all these themes. 

​      Everyone is individual and unique in their own right, therefore, my approach is always to treat YOU and not just the 'disorder!' This is why having at least two sessions is so important. If you have Anxiety, Stress and low mood, you may find my

'Anxiety Tool Kit' helpful. It is a hypnotherapy audio mp3 for releasing stress and anxiety with added bonuses on how you can manage your anxiety. Just click on the link above.


Health Issues

There are many health issues that can be helped by hypnotherapy.  Ultimately relaxation is always going to help a health issue and so many health issues have their roots, in stress.

Hypnotherapy can be really good with helping to control pain, and even helping with boosting your immune system. Many cancer patients find it helps when undergoing chemotherapy, and in addition supports them with coping and coming to terms with their prognosis.


Health Anxiety!


Health anxiety has become a big issue since 2020 for various different reasons & something I have been seeing a lot of. Hypnotherapy can help with this most definitely.


I believe very strongly that we are able to heal ourselves because we are actually capable of controlling every cell in our body, it all goes much deeper than this as to the explanations as to why healing ourselves is absolutely possible, and at some point I will write a blog on here about it. For now I will just say that healing and releasing on a cellular level is common practice with many hypnotherapists and can be very successful at helping with health problems. 

Performance and Goals

Yes hypnotherapy even helps with this! Many famous stars and Athletes and                have used it to enhance their performance, help them reach their goal and                  combat nerves. Some of them are:-

Tiger Woods, golfer to improve performance and block out distractions, David Beckham, Frank Bruno, Princess Diana used hypnotherapy to help her with confidence for public speaking, Sir Winston Churchill to cope with stress, Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb used it to overcome creative problems, John Travolta to enhance confidence and acting skills, Albert Einstein used to have regular hypnotherapy sessions to relax and develop his ideas and some say he created 'The Theory Of Relativity' during one of these sessions, Sylvester Stallone actually worked with a famous hypnotherapist Gil Boyne when he filmed Rocky and also used hypnotherapy to overcome over 900 rejections from producers for his movie script Rocky, he then became an overnight success. 

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​                                               Fees and appointments

  • ​1-1 in person or over the internet providing you have a fast good connection. (please note gastric band cannot be done over internet)

  • Two sessions - £140 (minimum of two sessions needed)

  • Each session thereafter if needed - £65 a session (blocks can purchased)

  • Smoking cessation (Two sessions with two audio's) - £210

  • For past life regressions see 'Dorset Past Life Regression' here.

  • Concessions might be available for people struggling

At present I am not taking hypnotherapy clients, however the coaching package is open.

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Free relaxation audio

I gained my Full Diploma's, including Gastric Band, Smoking Cessation & Past Life Regression with 'The Somerset School Of Hypnotherapy' of which I am also a proud member. 

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