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Holistic hypnotherapy & Mentoring.

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North Dorset based.
Online appointments also possible.

"Change will lead to insight, far more than insight will lead to change"

- Milton H. Erickson

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 Holistic hypno-therapy - the way I work.

I like to work in a holistic way, as it gives the best outcome for my clients. With this in mind I created, and offer a holistic package.  which includes within it all the services I offer in one package. It has become apparent through the success of that package, that people often need more than one session to gain the most out of their therapy/healing. Issues often run deeper than the surface layer. It is very often the case that what a person presents themselves with is actually very often a symptom of a deeper issue, and like an onion, once we take off one layer, there are sometimes more to follow.


Having supporting sessions that follow through and go deeper, gives you the opportunity to be able to shift in a way that covers perhaps many more layers. Whether that is trauma, limiting beliefs or blocks of any kind, having the time to talk and get to the root of the issue is important, as is following up and re-evaluating. 

What is hypnotherapy?

“Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing experience in which you can let go of all tension and focus on the peace within you, switch off the outer clutter and noise and allow yourself to just be in that place of peace, calmness and deep relaxation.”

Whilst in this special place of relaxation and focus, your subconscious is able to take in positive suggestions that are for your benefit. These positive suggestions then help you initiate the changes needed for you to be able to stop negative self-sabotaging behaviours, habits, and beliefs. Often accessing  and targeting root causes.  Sometimes our subconscious minds can get stuck in trying to protect us from something where there is no danger, and when we tell our subconscious mind the real story and what we want, it can then re-route itself upon a more beneficial positive pathway. 

The subconscious mind is very powerful, and the subconscious, similar to a computer, runs programs that can affect our behaviour, our thoughts, feelings and even how we perceive things. These programs have been built throughout our lifetime through our life experiences, and also conditioning, since birth, and although there are positive things, that keep us safe, and assist us, there are also programs that can be destructive, limit us, hold us back, and stop us from expanding and growing.

The subconscious is similar to a recording machine that records every thought, emotion and physical experiences, and subsequently plays them back in the form of memories or reactions, as you can imagine, the result of this can sometimes be likened to a corrupted file on a computer. The good news is that hypnotherapy can assist in recalibrating those files!  

What issues can be helped with hypnotherapy?

There are so many issues that can be helped with hypnotherapy, if there is an issue in your life that you are struggling to change or deal with, including physical issues, then hypnotherapy can help with it. Past Life Regression can also help, as sometimes things can go back further than this lifetime. see Dorset Past Life Regression

I personally specialise in issues relating to depression, stress, anxiety, health issues, confidence, self-esteem & belief, self-love, weight loss (including Gastric Band), goals/abundance, spiritual connection & alignment.


I cover many other things! .. but there might be times when I prefer to suggest a referral to a colleague who specialises in a certain area.


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Anxiety & Depression

As well as Anxiety and depression there are many various other anxiety related disorders that can benefit from hypnotherapy : panic attacks, self-confidence, self esteem, grief, OCD and PTSD, are Just some! And furthermore, there are variations on all these themes. 

​      Everyone is individual and unique in their own right, therefore, my approach is always to treat YOU and not just the 'disorder!' This is why having at least two sessions is so important. If you have Anxiety, Stress and low mood, you may find my

'Anxiety Tool Kit' helpful. It is a hypnotherapy audio mp3 for releasing stress and anxiety with added bonuses on how you can manage your anxiety. Just click on the link above.


Health Issues

There are many health issues that can be helped by hypnotherapy.  Ultimately relaxation is always going to help a health issue, as so many health issues have their roots in stress, and stress is so hugely under-estimated!

Hypnotherapy can be really good with helping to control pain, and even helping with boosting your immune system. Many cancer patients find it helps anxiety when undergoing chemotherapy, and in addition supports them to cope with the symptoms it can sometimes produce.  

All health issues have an energetic root to them, where there is perhaps trapped energy from traumas, and negative beliefs or emotions. If this trapped energy is not released it can then contribute to dis-ease, and so it stands to reason that to release these emotions can clear the path to re-setting your body, so that you are able to begin healing.

Your mind is far more powerful than you can imagine!

Health Anxiety!

Health anxiety is something I have been seeing a lot of since 2020, and has become a bigger issue for various different reasons since. Hypnotherapy can help with this most definitely! because Health anxiety is born from FEAR, false evidence appearing real, and the subconscious mind loves to find evidence as to why we we should worry, because it wants to protect us. The problem develops because what we keep seeing and hearing stacks up as evidence making it appear like it is a real threat, when the reality is totally different.


I believe we are able to assist our own healing take place, because our powerful mind is actually capable of controlling every cell in our body. We have the capability to slow our heart rate and breathing with our mind, to turn off or turn down pain, and much more!

We are actually capable of healing our bodies by releasing what's not needed on a cellular level, and directing our bodies to make what's needed to assist healing.

The power of the mind, our thoughts and our beliefs are very real, and extremely powerful! even placebo experiments have shown us how when told something will help or cure us, it does.

Self esteem/confidence, self love

Self-esteem, confidence, self-love, just simply feeling like you are enough!

These are the biggest programs we run, and are at the root of everything, so these things come up almost anywhere. We can change the beliefs that cause these things though, often inner-child work or timeline therapy will help these deep rooted issues, and will help us regain our power and love of ourself. 

Spiritual alignment & connection

Through working on ourselves and our issues, we naturally come into a much healthier alignment with who we are, what we truly want, and what our  place in this world is about. Hypnotherapy can be clinical, or it can be expansive, an opportunity to connect with the higher aspects of who we are on a deeper level, then accessing a higher knowing, which can help with health issues and other emotional issues that may have been blocking you, by releasing trapped energy. I also work on quantum healing level, helping release trapped energy from past incarnations or ancestral lines. See past life regression page for more info.

Goals, visions and abundance

When we are in good alignment with who we are and what we want we can then begin to find abundance of all things in life : finances, love, health, joy, and happiness, all come much easier. It's all part and parcel with everything else above really, because what we think, feel, and visualise, becomes our reality. You can see how all these things are interwoven and connected. And this is perhaps why I work with both the subconscious mind and the higher mind, holistically and spiritually.


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Fees anchor

​                                               Fees and appointments

  • ​1-1 in person, or, over the internet providing you have a fast good connection.

  • Initial two sessions - £140  (this includes the consultation & gathering of information needed)

  • Any further sessions after charged at £60 per session

  • Smoking cessation (Two sessions) - £210 

  • For past life regressions see 'Dorset Past Life Regression' here.

  • For the Holistic Package see here

To request a booking please either call & leave a message, or email, with your brief issue, and preference for day/time of day. I will get back with some dates to choose from & book you in.

(Evening or Saturday appointments might be possible on request

if these times/days are impossible for you)

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Free relaxation audio

I gained my Full Diploma's, including Gastric Band, Smoking Cessation & Past Life Regression with 'The Somerset School Of Hypnotherapy' of which I am also a proud member. 

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