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I have had a life long interest in multi-dimensions, mysteries and esoteric and spiritual concepts. After training in various healing and esoteric modalities the universe finally led me to become a hypnotherapist specialising in Past Life Regression. I have always been strongly guided along my path since a child, with many interesting experiences happening along the way.

At the age of five I totally understood  that I had been reincarnated and asked my Mother about it. At 14 I was channelling automatic writing, but after some amazing proofs were first given to me, my guide then told me I must stop, but that I would go back to it when older. At 18 I was spiritual healing and attending a circle, and in my twenties, I attended Maa't mystery school in Portsmouth where I learnt about the mysteries of Qabalah, as well as training as an Astrologist and learning about Tarot reading and channeling.

I read many books about life between lives and the mystery surrounding life, death and reincarnation. 

I guess I never lost my connection to my spiritual side throughout life, however, once I had my children I didn't actively work again within these fields  until they were all grown up.

 I then trained in a number of things which I was guided to do. I am still  being guided and I am still learning and on an interesting journey to help others on theirs.

 I am trained as a Angelic Reiki Master (which is a multidimensional system) A Ho'oponopono advanced practitioner (which is the removing of data/programs, in order to connect to source as a clear channel) A hypnotherapist, Past life regression therapist, Spirit release therapist. 

I am also a trained as a sound tuning fork therapist, and a life coach. 

If I could describe what I do overall, I would describe it as mentoring & multi-dimensional healing. These days when people come for a past life regression, it is always much more than that. 

I now find myself  once again deeply connected to the divine source, and its aspects which carry the codes of time and space, whether in the form of angels, masters, or galactic beings, all are one galactic consciousness, and in reality they are 'aspects,' of you, me and the one true divine of all that is.

My team and my highest - self has led my work over the years leading me to the right people, the lessons I needed to learn, and has guided me to the correct sources of information, whether people, courses or books. They have also sent me tests and the clients I needed to progress. They have also shown me things I needed to remember.

I feel truly grateful for the guidance and the people who have helped me along the way. I recognise I am being divinely guided to do my work, what a privilege!

I feel my purpose is to pass on the knowledge I gain as I continue to keep learning myself, hold space and facilitate the healing, so that you can come to your own beautiful enlightenment and transformation on your journey of healing and connecting with your highest aspect.

I do this by teaching courses and workshops and seeing people 1-1 for sessions.

We are all on a very special journey during this particular time on earth, and are all here to help each other awaken to the truths of our abilities and the wonder of what can be possible, and that is to change the world for the better and live in truth, love and the light.