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Tuning Fork Sound Therapy 
Angelic Reiki healing


Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

I done my training at Suara Sound Academy with Debbi Walker in 2016. I love to combine it with Angelic Reiki, but it can also be beneficial for longer sessions on it's own.

What is Tuning Fork Therapy and how can it help?

Tuning forks deliver waves of vibration to parts of the body, both physical and energetic. Sound transmits energy into whatever it connects with and so a strong vibration can cause a weaker vibration to to then vibrate at the same frequency and so it is, that it is possible to help heal a wound, nerve, organ or relax a muscle.

Dis-ease is often manifested by deeply blocked emotions that need releasing and transforming and sound therapy can certainly assist with this.

There has been research to show that when our brain listens to frequencies within beta, alpha, theta, and delta brainwaves, it is calmed and the chatterbox mind is turned down or off and this is true proper relaxation, when we are in this place of deep relaxation we are pressing the reset button for our healthy genes to be switched back on, and we are also connecting more with our soul and are better able to hear our higher self and live form a place of love, compassion and gratitude.

Many people will find they reach a deep level of relaxation that compares to the feeling you get just before you drop off to sleep when you are in the hypnogogic state. The vibrational frequency is able to target certain areas of physical, emotional, and mental health & well being, by working on your auric field and chakras.

Tuning fork sound healing can compliment other modalities and reports are suggesting results are being achieved faster with clients as they are able to go deeper into a meditative place. They benefit the mind, body, soul & spirit and this may in turn allow the reset button to switch on, allowing for optimum health & well being to be achieved.

Tuning Forks can be used for many reasons. Some examples are - a bee sting, cellular healing of wounds, clearing energy, releasing emotions for healing, connecting to higher vibrations, to ease pain, to relax and transform anxiety into calmness.

Disclaimer : This therapy is a complimentary therapy. I make no claims that it is in anyway a cure. You are advised to always seek a Doctor’s advice if you are unwell. 

Angelic Reiki Healing

Angelic Reiki is a multidimensional Reiki healing system. It is newer reiki compared to traditional reiki, and was channelled to Kevin Core from The Archangel Metatron in 2002 especially for the time on earth, known to many as 'Ascension'.

The healing is given 'through' the Angelic Kingdom of Light, and the healer acts as a conduit for the energy to come through from the Angel assigned to them. The practitioner may also channel Masters as well as Galactic beings of light. This system works across time and space on a multidimensional level, and so is capable of healing across past lives and dimensions. 

In a healing session with me, I might work with both Angelic Reiki and Tuning Forks, although I am happy to tailor to your preference if you have one. As well as working with Angelic Reiki in healing sessions,  I also sometimes bring Angelic Reiki into the past life regression therapy/quantum healing sessions, depending on the situation and individual.

People who experience Angelic Reiki often say it is like being wrapped up in pure love energy. It is a gentle deep peaceful energy, and for those who are sensitive to energies, they often say it is gentler than traditional reiki energy.

Disclaimer : This therapy is a complimentary therapy. I make no claims that it is in anyway a cure. You are advised to always seek a Doctor’s advice if you are unwell. 

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