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There are many different ways to go about healing the body, mind, and soul, many of these various methods heal on a quantum level, healing multidimensionally across all time and space.

A healing process can take time, we are always healing, often finding as one thing is healed the next layer arises. We are like an onion peeling back the layers, which often go quite deep, even as far back to past life times and beyond our immediate comprehension. Furthermore, as we are connected to everything and everyone, so the healing process is in fact much more expansive than people once may have realised years ago. 

We have two great tools within us that can help us heal, one is our heart where our soul resides and where our truth can be accessed, and the other is our mind, the place where like a computer it runs our programmes and gives us commands, it commands and suggests our actions, emotions, reactions, and even every cell in our body! Our bodies energy records everything we feel and experience, and our over-soul records everything we have EVER experienced throughout space and time!  

You are you’re experiences and how you reacted to them, you are how others have reacted to you, you are even the product of your ancestors data. You are everything you have been, are, and will be.

And with higher heart and mind  working together you can in fact heal and achieve anything you wish, if you really want to.


I would love to assist you in some way to initiate your healing Journey by helping you to peel back some of those layers with the various therapies I offer.

There are a variety of ways to bring about healing and change within you. If you are unsure what way to go, or if I am the right person for you, then drop me a line or give me a call. Also I know many other fantastic healers and therapists in many different alternative medicine and holistic areas, so can always recommend someone who is right for you, if it is not me.



  •  I trained in Astrology, Qabalah & Tarot reading, as well as spiritual healing and connecting and channelling, back in the late 80 through the 90' s.

  •  Over recent years I have trained in many holistic therapies, as an Angelic Reiki Master, Suara sound Tuning Fork Therapist, Hypnotherapist, which includes Past Life Regression therapy, which I specialise in!) I am also an Advanced practitioner of Ho'oponopono, A Life Mentor/Coach. All are wonderful tools to self-healing and self-Mastery and my intention is to help you find alignment with who you are, why your here and to find that place of balance and fulfilment, where it is YOU that holds  your world in your hands as a empowered, sovereign, and connected being.

I believe that the biggest training ground a person can have is life itself and that the things we experience shape us, likewise, so do the people we interact with, and the ancestors who have gone before us. This cycle of being shaped by life's conditioning has been running through eons of time and space and we have all been on a bit of a merry dance of repeating the same old patterns again and again throughout our many life times.

We hold within our being, all that we are and have been combined from every timeline within our DNA and ancestral lines and furthermore we also hold the whole consciousness within us. What is more, we can access that consciousness at any time we wish, and we do this even if you do not consciously realise you are doing it.

Ultimately we are in fact ONE consciousness, that is at a tipping point, the point in time when we will take back our sovereignty, both as individuals and on mass throughout our planet.


As we raise our individual vibrations by working on our self, and healing our self, then we are simultaneously spreading our light and healing to the rest of humanity . We become lighter in body and density, and we cast out our light on mass into the shadows that reside here on earth.


Do not despair at the world you live in, as there cannot be light without dark, the dark helps us rise up like a sprouted seed that rises up from the soil into the light of the sun and continues to rise. If you look very closely at the world politics and media you will see how the dark plays its part in change and how it is a catalyst for change, sometimes not all is as it seems.

It is important for us to remember that when we entered this life we had no memory of the things we had already learnt, our gifts, our abilities, our purpose, our mission, and we left a part of us behind to guide us, that many refer to as our higher-self, and that part guides us, as it can see what we can’t and knows what we can’t remember. However, times are changing and as we raise in our vibration and heal, we will be able ,to not only begin to remember, but also act from the higher self, we will be able to use the gifts we lost. In fact, people are already doing this and have been for a quite a while. We are waking up, all around you it is happening. If you have found this, you are either already well on this path or you are awaking and there will be no stopping it! .. from now on you will see synchronicity’ everywhere.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can heal and help yourself, how you can feel more fulfilled, how you can remove the patterns and cycles that repeat in your life or the blocks that seem to hold you back, then I can help you and it would be my pleasure to do so as I want you to know what I know and feel what I feel, I want to share it with you and for you to share it with others. I love to see people change positively. I can help you unlock your gifts and abilities, re-programme any negative patterns, remove blocks and regain balance and harmony within your soul so that you are living in alignment with your true self in fulfilment, health and joy at who you are! I can bring you to a place where you will see that anything is possible .... but you must do the work.


 I work in a variety of ways by using a combination of things, using all my tools and knowledge together intuitively, with both my higher self and the greater consciousness to create the right thing for you at the right time for you whilst holding space for you. See my 'Transmuting Your Journey'  (which is done over Skype) and healing modalities which is a great way to cover many things and get you to that place of all possibilities. empowerment and self love.      









I am based in North Dorset between Shaftesbury and Blandford Forum, in a village called Iwerne Minster, which is also under an hour away from Bournemouth, Poole, Ringwood, Salisbury, Yeovil, Sherborne, Dorchester, Weymouth, Wincanton and Warminster. 


If you would like to have a chat about how and if I can help, because your unsure or want to know more then I am happy to give you a 20 min call on Skype or zoom. For information contact to arrange appointment. Much of what I do can be done over Zoom, so it makes no odds where in the world you are, but I also offer in person appointments for hypnotherapy, past life regression, and healing therapies, however these also can be done online.



          Please note - If you are unwell please always see a Doctor. I make no claims to heal conditions, these are complementary                       therapies and not a substitute for conventional medicine.(however much I’d love to see that day come!)


with love and rainbows

 Lyra xxx

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My background and my intention with my work.

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