Anxiety Tool Kit

Anxiety Tool Kit

 HYPNOTHERAPY AUDIO - 'Releasing Stress & Anxiety'.

with added BONUSES of : -

  • Mp3 audio - Talking about the'The importance of relaxation and how it helps us'

  • Mp3 - Talking about how Nature can help us. 

  • Video - Breathing techniques 

  • EFT (emotional freedom technique for releasing blocked negative energy from the meridians) showing you the technique.

  • Mp3 audio - Talking about healthy distractions, feel goods & the importance of exercising the positivity muscle.

  • Pdf list of added ideas & tools to set the scene, and further go to resources to assist. 

  • Entry to lives in group


Your links to mp3 audios and videos, plus the PDF and link to join  facebook support group for anxiety and claim your free group online session will come in an email once you have paid through paypal. Thank you More information here

Anxiety Tool Kit