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The Will Of The War

Updated: Jan 12, 2021


We refer to the will as the template and structure which is contained within the Merkabah of each individual. This is the structure which exists inside each one. It is with this will that you create that which you know as paradise paradigm, or program is another facet of this structure, in the sense that you the individual are the creator of it. The consciousness as a whole has its own structure upon which it mirrors the outer template of all which you create and hold within your own Merkabah. Upon first glimpse this may seem obvious to you but within the darker structures, there is too another structure which threatens the Paradise paradigm by signalling and therefore attraction, however so too doe’s this work the other way. what happens in the ‘middle’ if you understand, is a war of polarities, this war takes place within the 4th dimension and therefore is accessed by many peoples upon sleeping, this in itself manifests the events on earth to reflect the reverb of energy coming from the will of the war.


The time of the merge of wills is upon you, (?) yes you personally and others within that also, where by your reasoning will be that which will afford you to recreate that which was always going to be, that which you already are and have been, and that which you already know is here in the moment of all and everything there is. We cannot place our energy into a box, a label, a bracket when we are in alignment with the matrix, for it contains the fabric of all that exists, therefore any resistance will be incomplete and incompatible with that which you are and have come from, therefore cancelling out your existence! So as you see you cannot, I repeat cannot pigeon hole any energy, we talk now of that which you refer to as the truth movement and lightworkers, the dark and the light, the awake and asleep, and we say to you that you cannot split this into groups, for the energy runs within ALL. We ask you to think upon this and what this means for you dilemmas as splits and fractions within the issue now upon the planet, and minds of men as they rise.


Soon will come the time of the rain upon the plain, it will pour into the hearts and minds of men as they rise into the matrix tearing it open and dismantling the structure of authoritarian misuse and agenda. The rise of the masculine energy will coincide with the male players stepping down and others stepping up, there will be surprises as the masks are taken off and the true identities revealed, male identities will reveal on all levels. The coming of Christ will be the the movement upon which the energetics will proceed. A time of great focus on protection and righteousness.

The Elders.

(c) copyright Lyra Phoenix- 25/06/20 All rights reserved.

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