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The Changes are NOW. And a message from Archangel Metatron.

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In September 2019 I had a channeling from Archangel Metatron to put into my Angelic Reiki manuals that sums up what I believe the next 3-5 years will be like, as the wave has now hit the shore. If this resonates with you, please leave a comment if you like, I'd love to hear from you :-)

Seventeen years have passed but much remains the same in the order of energy alignments, as one energy evolves so too does another and another like a wave building into a tsunami and it is this time you find yourselves in now, the time of the tsunami the period where the wave is now hitting shore and all that there was and all that you know and understand is now being pulled out to sea and tossed back in, you do not know where it will settle, who will survive, or how things will now look or be, but know this, that just like the ocean of water that cleanses, so too do these energy waves, they too will pull you out like a wave and toss aside what’s not needed in the world, and it may look a terrible mess when the wave has resided and the water has settled, it may look frightening to you as the wave engulfs you dragging you out and knocking you off your feet, but what no longer belongs will be gone and after the chaos has subsided it will be calm, you will look around and realise that everything has changed, it will not only look different but it will feel different and you will see what an incredible journey it has been, you will see the love and commitment of souls who led the way, of people coming together with compassion for each other as they work hard to build new foundations for a future world build of love and of much more light.

The Angelic Reiki system is as relevant now as it was then, it is a healing system that continues to support the DNA cellular changes and molecule structures so that alignment to the new light body and vibration of earth can be as smooth as possible, and because it is multi -dimensional throughout all space and time it will continue to support you and others on the new earth journey to clear down those structures that hold you to old earth, setting you free so that you may take up your missions with purpose and conviction and bring in the transformations, and you will do so with a light that holds you within a space of pure love and protection.

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron

Channeled by

(c) Lyra Phoenix

24/09/19 - All Rights Reserved

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