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Final test-landing upon the shore (the word)

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

16 July 2021 : -

“Strong ones, wise ones, your final test awaits you, for it is now that we get ready for the final wave before the landing upon the shore which you all await so eagerly.

Your fortitude, wisdom, acquiescence, and servitude regarding your words are all in the realm now of your trajectory to fully understanding the mission you have been given.


Why is it that when you place a word on paper you understand the intention of that word? Ask yourself from where did the word come from? From when did you understand the meaning? and what point do you begin the journey to the word you were born into?

It is not my aim to confuse you with “words” and it is perhaps ironic that you may have to ponder upon the words, but the words are everything, and this will become clearer as the you begin to walk upon the shore at which you are about to land, only then will you understand the importance of the word at which you came to be here and the word that you took through with you upon your birth on earth.

The time is coming my dear friends for the earths word to be heard, and when she speaks you will hear her, she will roar like a lion that will be heard at the galactic core, she will dance and sing for all the keepers of the grids, the torch bearers, rainbow warriors, time travellers, all forebearers of earth to see and hear, the sound will reckishade throughout the cosmos as we come home and can be at one again.

Remember the word, meditate upon it my friends, for it is the way.”

I am Ra herculis

(c) Lyra Phoenix - All rights reserved 16/07/21

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