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Fear - My musings from a spiritual & holistic perspective.

FEAR – My musings of this emotion from a spiritual holistic perspective.

Fear has probably been the most felt emotion on a global scale this past year plus!

How have you handled the emotion of ‘fear’ you have experienced this year?

How has it propelled you forward? Or has it frozen you?

Fear is not all bad, as it serves us in protecting us from threat and danger. It is a vital response needed to protect our- selves from threat. These days we do not experience threat on a daily basis, our caveman days are gone, however, there are still times that our response to fear serves us when we are under threat or in danger.

This last year or so has served us up a huge dose of fear on a daily basis, depending on how you choose to handle it. We have been surrounded by campaigns, bill -boards, notices, daily news reports, motorway signs, shop notices, telling us to be on guard, to stay safe, to be vigilant. We have only needed to step outside to see the many images of covered faces telling us there is something to fear. Wherever your opinion lies in whether all this was justified or not, one thing is absolutely certain, the FEAR this has produced in people, no matter which side of the fence you sit, has been immense! So much so that people’s mental health and the rise of suicide has risen dramatically. People have been quite simply overloaded with fear. Fear of failing health, for loved ones, for the world, for their livelihood, loss of home, breakdown in relationships, loss of jobs, being controlled, death, even fear of reality! There has been no escape, it’s everywhere?, but is it really? Like everything in life it depends on your perspective as to how you see it.

There is no denying that fear has been and still is, all around us, but how much of it do you allow into your reality? Even those who have not ‘entertained’ it, have still been affected by it because it is running throughout the collective consciousness and we are seeing it, feeling it, even if it’s not ours, you might be finding that you are dealing with stress due to other people’s fear. I would say there is simply no one who has not been affected to some degree, in some way or other by fear.

So what can we do to make things easier, how can we help, not only ourselves, but others too? … I want to give you my musings by looking from a holistic spiritual point of view.

Most people recognise that without darkness there is no light, and this reflects life itself, the dark times can make us stronger, wiser, more compassionate, more determined to change the things that we see that are wrong. Dark times will either break someone or make them, it also might break you along the way, just so you learn how to fix yourself. The way of fixing something is often by reverse engineering, therefore, to deal with fear you can only use courage. What is courage? Courage can be described in many ways but for me the biggest thing is the power and trust that it holds. The power to TRUST in yourself, when we look for courage it can only come from within, someone else cannot have the courage for us! … This shows me that the world you see through your eyes when you have courage, power and trust is the one that resonates around you, you could be viewing a situation very differently from someone else. The more you trust yourself to create your world the easier it becomes.

Trusting ourselves seems to be a bit of a tall order these days, we have learnt to listen to people outside of ourselves and so instead of trusting ourselves we trust them. How did this happen? along the path of history we learnt that others are the experts, that is the society we grew up in, so we put our trust more and more into other people, we looked ‘outside’ of ourselves for answers, we lost the ability to listen to our-self and we forgot how to use intuition to guide us. Furthermore, the act of placing our trust in others can lead us to give away our own power to other people, and consequently lead to us being vulnerable, vulnerability can then lead to being taken advantage of and manipulated. From this vantage point it is difficult to find the courage to overcome the fear.

When we are truly able to see our-self as a spiritual being of light that is experiencing things, expanding our knowledge, and changing and transforming constantly, we finally learn that it us and only us that has the insight to what is happening around us, it is only us that creates our reality, and consequently there cannot be any experts, the only expert is us, the only person we can completely trust is our-self. We all have a higher-self that works with us constantly, your higher-self knows what is for your highest good and will guide you when you take the time to listen. This is where your power lays, in connecting with the highest aspect of you, understanding that you are creating your reality with your thoughts. If you are in fear the universe will simply provide you with something to be fearful of.

There are so many people feeling out of control, because they fear they cannot control the situations around them, but it is the other way around, YOU are in control, the situation around you will simply manifest the vibration and emotions and thoughts you are giving out.

I know there are people that will disagree with this concept, it might even trigger them, they might say “but we cannot always be in control of what happens to us” and yes that’s right we can’t, but we can be in control of how we respond to it, how we feel about it, and how we perceive it within our own reality and world, and that can create our outcome! and when we master that within ourselves we not only help our-self to be at peace, but we also spread that to others, simply by them being around our vibration.

The choice is always yours, it always has been.

May you be blessed with lashings of TRUST & COURAGE

so that you are able to “Hold the world in your hands

Lyra Phoenix

(c) lyra phoenix - 11/08/21

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