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‘Breaking FREE from the chains’

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

So many people are ‘waking up’ to a world they thought they knew, but they are discovering there is way more to it than they ever realised. They are being drawn to investigate the spiritual laws, healing and natural health methods, meditation and mindfulness, they are opening up to the understanding that we are just energy, a part of the collective. Or they are simply looking to self-help methods to improve themselves and life.

People are realising alternative ways of living now that they are in this lockdown situation. Seeing that there is more to life than work, the School System, general medicine, throwaway society etc. They are beginning to see that ‘they themselves’ are in fact responsible for everything. Not the teacher, the doctor, the employer, the government, the police.

We have very much been, throughout the ages, institutionalised to rely on all of the above to provide us with everything, including our food. We have forgotten how to be independent sovereign beings with our own thoughts and opinions, we look to others for the answers, we ‘follow’ others like sheep. I am hearing you say “no I don’t” but I guarantee you, you will find something when you begin to look, because there is so much we are not aware of in our subconscious programming, that is the enormity of our conditioning as a collective, carrying it forward generation by generation.

We as a society are in confusion as to how to break free from the things within us and around us that contribute to our issues, we don’t seem to have the time to just be in a space long enough to begin to look at the structures and powers around us that keep us going round and round in our day to day life. We try to keep up, we try to keep up with the bills and the latest equipment that we need to make our life easier, and we spend so much time having to sort out things that once upon a time we didn’t need to sort out.

Over the years have you noticed how much more has come about to distract you?

For instance the endless amount of time you have to wait on a phone call when you are trying to sort out an issue, that years ago all you would have had to do is walk into a local office or make a quick call and a very nice person would have used their cognitive abilities to listen to you, assess the situation, and come to a reasonable conclusion, but now we wait on the phone after pressing lots of numbers and giving all our details away, and then are usually confronted with someone who is unable to make any decisions because they have a script tor read for each situation, and a higher force giving them rules to abide by. So what happens then is sometimes we have to write countless letters and make countless calls, and basically put up a fight to resolve an injustice or mistake, taking up an immense amount of time that we have not got and causing us a great deal of stress. This is just one example of how the structures and systems around us have distracted us from ourselves, taking away our time, inspiration, independence, freedoms and physical and mental health. I could come up with so many more!!! But I am quite sure if you think outside the box, systems, structures and conditioning around you, you will be able to see countless other examples for yourself! and I wonder how many you would be able to write down if you were to make a list?

We are so locked up in our day to day schedules with work and the need to work so that we can live our life. We work our whole life to be warm, have water, shelter and food ….hmmm…think about that for a moment, we spend our lives mostly distracted stuck in a system that controls our money, health and life in every aspect imaginable!

Is it any wonder that there are so many people struggling with physical and mental health? Our food is made and grown for us, we have no idea what goes on it, in it and where it has come from, or how the animals we eat have been treated, we have no idea what is in our cleaning and beauty products. When we are unwell we go to a DR and trust they will give us a wonder pill to make us better. We are so busy we don’t see what goes on around us, and on top of that we are to busy to do our own research into our health, our food, and the natural medicines that the earth provides for us to heal.

The world is a minefield that we are constantly having to navigate, when all we want is to just BE, to breath in calmness and peace, to love and be loved, laugh, be inspired and experience joy. We all know the world needs to change, and that change starts with YOU, one by one as we change our own world and light it up, we light that flame for others too and it spreads. When you truly understand you are a part of ONE whole, which is the collective, then you understand how important it is that everything you do, think, visualise, and feel has a massive impact on the entire population of the world, so when we change our own world for the better we are doing it for the everyone on it now and in the future, we do it for a better future world for our children and Grandchildren, which is also our self! There is no separation, we are all ONE, sharing the same divine energy, and as one heals, so too do the rest.

There are many ways to iniciate that healing process and start the dismantling of the chains around us, but possibly the most crucial thing of all is to be aware of our own sovereignty, to learn, to listen to our SELF, to become attuned with our self and always remember that we are responsible for everything! If we are a part of the whole and are ONE then we are totally responsible for our SELF and also the world we perceive around us. We must understand that we are the creator and architect of our own world. Everything we see and perceive is of our own creation and is our responsibility.

We are multidimensional beings borrowing a vehicle, and as such we see only the smallest fraction of everything that exists around us, but when we begin to STOP long enough, it follows that we begin to listen, see and sense much more, and furthermore we are then able to align our self with the universal consciousness that exists and even tap into it when needed, enabling us to feel much more aligned with the true essence of our self.

“Never has there been a more important time than NOW to break free from those chains!”


I offer Coaching/Mentoring, hypnotherapy, Multidimensional regressions, Soul Readings, as well as courses/workshops & groups, some of which, are in the process of being created now.

I wish you the very best in your Journey through life as the Sovereign soul you are!

“May it be inspired, soulful, fulfilling, joyful, loving, and aligned in harmony”

With Love

Lyra Phoenix

(c) Lyra Phoenix - 16/05/20 All rights reserved.

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