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Mental health & well-being clinic

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Tuesday mornings 10am to 1pm.
3 slots available.

How are you and the people you care for doing? 


I have seen a fair bit of health anxiety, stress and fears that have led to people struggling, and wanting to just give up, as well as developing unhealthy habits that are now affecting their lives, and it's not surprising given the last couple of years that we have all experienced.


Given the condition the struggling NHS is now under I am seeing more and more people not being able to access the help they really need right now! Sadly I am unable to do anything about those waiting for physical help, but I would like to do something to assist with the devastating daily struggle some people are experiencing, because I recognise that people are at breaking point with nowhere to go! 


Mental health and well-being is at an all time high, but sadly there is nowhere near enough help out there. Increasingly, holistic therapists are becoming more of a go to point of help, as the resources that were once easily assessable begin to crumble away. Furthermore, added to this painful  loss of free help and assistance is the added financial strain we all now find ourselves under as the cost of living rises, and for the people who are now on benefits through ill health or loss of jobs this is crippling on many levels.


I would like to do at least something to offer help to people who maybe really struggling with emotional well-being and mental health, but cannot afford the help they so desperately need, so I am setting up one morning clinic a week, at least to start with.


What's on offer? 


As a hypnotherapist, healer and holistic mentor and coach. I will be offering 1 hour sessions to those struggling with their emotional well-being and mental health who cannot afford the usual fee I charge, due to financial difficulties. The sessions will take place on Zoom, a link will be sent. An In person appointment is possible, only if you book ahead  and don't have access to a computer.


Do you know anyone who falls into this category and is desperate for help?.... If so please let them know by forwarding this link, or sharing it on social media, or if it is you, then please contact me if you would like to take up this offer of help.


As peoples financial situations vary greatly, prices at present will be on a sliding scale from £22, anywhere in-between, up to £45 depending on your situation. This is up to approx 50% off the usual price in some cases, but the session will be strictly an hour in order to see people that morning. At present this is 3 slots available once a week. 

I am also hoping to also set up a pot whereby there is always an allowance to enable people who cannot pay anything at all, to access help. If anyone knows how I can do this in a  way that it is transparent so that people know the money is going where it says, then please would you let me know.

 If you are accepted for a reduced rate, you'll be given an appointment on a clinic morning. 

Send your request by emailing

 or txt or call 07949526110


If you have already been accepted before, and your situation is the same, and you require another appointment, you can simply txt on the day itself "CLINIC" to 07949526110 and if there is an appointment free I will txt you back.

The 3 slots will run from 10am to 1pm. Requests can be made from 9am on the day, but before the day is obviously better.

 The clinic will run Tuesday morning's from the 22nd February 2022



The requirements of meeting eligibility for a slot are that your issue is emotional well-being/mental health based, this includes, for instance, anxiety, depression, and its umbrella categories.


Let's all do our bit for mental health and well-being. Taking more responsibility for your well-being is now even more important than ever. As the world begins a new chapter, so do we, and we want to write a good one.


"Please don't forget to share with those that are in need of some support".


With gratitude & blessings


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