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Health & Well-being Clinic

In North Dorset or online

Life is now more stressful than it ever has been. Mental, emotional and physical health issues are at an all time high, meaning self-care and coping mechanisms are now more important than ever. 

Stress impacts our life by causing fatigue, irritability, and lack of concentration as well as increasing the risk of many common health issues by being the trigger for them.


 IBS, digestive issues, ulcers, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, depression, addictions, obesity, asthma, headaches, skin problems ... all these issues can be caused or made worse by stress.  The bottom line is that is can affect our life to the degree that it impacts how we function at work and in our general life.

The good news however, is that stress can be controlled by your thoughts and beliefs which in turn helps your reactions

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