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Anxiety Tool Kit

'Assisting you to take control by learning to truly RELAX and release stress & anxiety.'

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How would it feel to you if you were able to manage your stress and anxiety and feel in control?  

Do you know how it feels to be totally relaxed?

What if you could find a way to ease those panicky feelings, the overwhelm, worries, stress, ruminating thoughts, and doomsday thoughts and feelings? 

How Much of a difference to your general happiness,  productivity, and efficiency in your life, could that make to you?

Suffering from stress, and anxiety related issues can put a strain on our mental, and physical health, damaging our immune system.


Furthermore, it has a great impact on your day to day lives by stealing your time, physical energy, joy in moments that should have been happy ones,  productivity, efficiency, and if left unchecked can eventually steal your health. 

When you live with anxiety on a daily basis, you know just how debilitating it can be! 

I have had many clients with anxiety, and the symptoms they present, vary in the degree of severity and way that they present. 


Often clients have come to me with a particular issue, and the underlying cause has been anxiety all along, but they had not realised it.


Anxiety is more common than we realise and it is estimated that 275 million people suffer from anxiety related disorders, which is 4% of the worlds population, and that is only the ones recorded!!


There are many people who do not seek help with anxiety and stress. Instead they battle on telling themselves they must get on with it, it's part of life. They may tell themselves to pull themselves together, or may compare themselves to others who seem to be doing just fine.

Often, we are conditioned from a young age with the phrases "don't cry" "we all have to do things we don't want to do" "be strong" "there are people worse off" etc etc  And so we bottle up our stress, anxiety and low moods, trying not to show it, as we do not want to feel as if we are weak or inferior.

You may not have been taught how to listen to your true self, your needs, your limits, your boundaries. And did anyone ever teach you how to RELAX properly and how to 'let go' of the stress and negativities of the day?


If we had been taught these things instead of the conditioning most of us receive in childhood from the society we live in, then we would be equipped with the tools needed to manage stress and anxiety, and it would not be one of the worlds most common issues.

The good news is!

It's never to late to learn new tools!

and this is why I created this Anxiety tool kit.

This tool kit will assist with :-

  • Helping you understand and recognise the need for relaxation

  • Relaxing deeply, resetting your body for optimum well-being.

  • Assisting you to gain control of negative ruminating thoughts.

  • Calming your body and mind, giving you more energy and clarity to make better decisions.

  • Releasing negative energy and stress that has built up in your nervous system.  

  • Calming yourself in times of heightened anxiety.

  • looking at boundaries needed for your well-being.

 What is in the Anxiety Tool Kit?


 HYPNOTHERAPY AUDIO - 'Releasing Stress & Anxiety'.

with added BONUSES of : -

  • Mp3 audio - Talking about the'The importance of relaxation and how it helps us'

  • Mp3 - Talking about how Nature can help us. 

  • Video - Breathing techniques 

  • EFT (emotional freedom technique for releasing blocked negative energy from the meridians) showing you the technique.

  • Mp3 audio - Talking about healthy distractions, feel goods & the importance of exercising the positivity muscle.

  • Pdf list of added ideas & tools to set the scene, and further go to resources to assist. 

This hypnotherapy audio can be listened to at any time of day and is best with headphones on, where you can relax somewhere comfortably without being disturbed. It will help you relax to a deep level and release your anxieties, worries and stress.

Hypnotherapy has been shown by scientific studies to be one of the most fast-acting and long lasting solutions to worries and stress! 


Some of the things people say they experience after hypnosis for anxiety, is:  feeling calmer, lighter, happier, more in control, better sleep, enhanced clarity, easier decision making, more energy, more efficiency, ability to cope better with situations, and general overall well-being.

And the price for this Hypnotherapy MP3 Audio

'Releasing Anxiety & Stress'


Now £11.11

Once payment is received you will be sent the digital MP3's and video links, plus PDF.

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