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Holistic and Intuitive Life Coach - Hypnotherapist
Past Life Regression Specialist/Quantum healer.



Assisting you, and holding space for your healing,
helping you navigate YOUR journey

Working 1-1 both worldwide and locally in the North of Dorset, England, UK.

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There are many different ways to go about healing the body, mind, and soul, many of these various methods can heal multidimensionally across all time and space.

A healing process can take time, we are always healing, often finding as one thing is healed the next layer arises. We are like an onion peeling back the layers, which often go quite deep, even as far back to past life times and beyond our immediate comprehension. Furthermore, as we are connected to everything and everyone, so the healing process is in fact much more expansive than people once may have realised years ago. 

We have two great tools within us that can help us heal, one is our heart where our soul resides and where our truth can be accessed, and the other is our mind, the place where like a computer it runs our programmes and gives us commands, it commands and suggests our actions, emotions, reactions, and even every cell in our body! Our bodies energy records everything we feel and experience, and our over-soul records everything we have EVER experienced throughout space and time!  

You are you’re experiences and how you reacted to them, you are how others have reacted to you, you are even the product of your ancestors data. You are everything you have been, are, and will be.

And with higher heart and mind  working together you can in fact heal and achieve anything you wish, if you really want to.


I would love to assist you in some way to initiate your healing Journey by helping you to peel back some of those layers with the various therapies I offer.

There are a variety of ways to bring about healing and change within you. If you are unsure what way to go, or if I am the right person for you, then drop me a line or give me a call. Also I know many other fantastic healers and therapists in many different alternative medicine and holistic areas, so can always recommend someone who is right for you, if it is not me.


A.K - Devon

My quantum healing session with Lyra was incredible. I have had ongoing tumours in my bladder for some years, so when I found a lump somewhere else close by I was concerned. Lyra helped me find the root cause, removed an energy & the lump was gone in under 24hrs (a month later-not returned) not only that, my bladder tumour root  was found & dealt with, so hopefully will not return. Lyra was also able to connect me to a symbol that came up for me, & since doing that I have been able to connect & see things  much clearer in meditations. Amazing session, thank you!

 (quantum healing)

I had a wonderfully enriching three hours with Lyra who guided me expertly through various lives which related to a list of pre-prepared questions I had up my sleeve (… actually, to be honest, on a piece of folded piece of paper in my trouser pocket). The images and experiences that came up in my mind’s eye offered real insight into experiences, relationships and people in this lifetime. We had an equally fascinating discussion before and after the regression about related subjects. I look forward to my next visit!

(past life regression)

Laura Rogers

Lyra made me feel so comfortable and safe from my first session, I was able to open up to her knowing everything was confidential. Within 8 sessions I have become more confident in myself and have accomplished many things that I have put off doing for years because I didn’t think I was good enough to do them. She has given me the tools so I can keep improving on my journey. I couldn’t recommend her enough. (Coaching package )

"Life is an orchestra with it's high & low, long & short notes. In order for the planet to be singing her beautiful song, we must all be in tune . We don't necessarily have to be playing the same notes, but must all be in tune with our own instrument"
Channelled March 2017
from EdwinTurnbull (Composer & Conductor)

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