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Holistic Hypnotherapist & Mentor,
Past Life Regression Therapist/
Quantum Healer.

Assisting you heal and transform on
Multi-dimensional levels. 


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Working 1-1 both worldwide and locally in the North of Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire borders. England, UK.

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Why are you here? and how do I work?

Welcome to the website where I hope all your questions will be answered. You will find plenty of information, along with fees in each section, so have a browse around. There is also a blog section where you will find any blog articles or channellings.


If you've signed up for the email list or the whatsapp group, then thank you! It's a great way to stay in touch with what is happening with courses, workshops, channellings, events etc ...And you will also find all the social media buttons on this page if you would like to stay in touch there.

If you have arrived here knowing you want assistance, but are unsure what type, that's not an issue because

I work within a holistic approach that can be adapted to you as an individual no matter what you book in for. Feel free to call or email to ask any questions :-) 


A healing process can sometimes take time, we are always healing, often finding that as one thing is healed the next layer arises. We are like an onion peeling back the layers, which often go as deep as past life times and beyond our immediate comprehension.


We have two great tools that are within us, and these can help us heal, one is our heart where our soul resides and where our truth can be accessed, and the other is our mind, the place where like a computer it runs our programmes and gives us commands, it suggests our actions, emotions, reactions, and can even influence the cells in our body! Our bodies energy records everything we feel and experience, and our over-soul records everything we have EVER experienced throughout space and time!  


You are you’re experiences and how you reacted to them, you are how others have reacted to you, you are even the product of your ancestors data. You are everything you have been, are, and will be. And with higher heart and mind  working together you can in fact heal and achieve anything you wish, if, you really want to, and it will be a lot simpler than you may think. I believe in transmuting those programs, transforming the path ahead, most of all I believe anything is possible and achievable!  


If you would like me to assist you to begin that transformation Journey, so that you can change those things you struggle with, find purpose or hope, release those stumbling blocks, live in more Joy and happiness, and expand your spiritual Journey, then feel free to book a 20 min discovery call now.

You can find reviews  here  as well as here  


S.G - Hampshire

*This particular review is a great example of how various hypnosis  & healing techniques work for us in our subconscious very subtly *

So (Daughter) visited a few months ago. Nothing much had changed, or so I thought! Times are busy, routines keep turning & life continues.

Over Christmas I was trying to explain to a close friend how my Hypnosis session has had a big effect on me without me noticing. I was using examples like : my anxiety seems to have decreased, I no longer cry whilst talking about (lost one) and the (animals) that died, I am no longer terrified to be outside alone at night, & so on.

(Daughter) chirps up "same here"  I'd completely forgotten she went to!  She then paraphrased me giving examples like "I re-sat my GCSE & wasn't bothered, Passed my therory driving test first time without the pressure & strange building giving anxiety, & made friends at college without the anxiety, have no problems dealing with anyone who is less kind" she went on beautifully showing how her confidence had positively changed whilst addressing our friends around the table.

What can I say? Your sessions have had such a huge influence on both me & (daughter) but it has been such a smooth & invisible transition that I doubt we would have truly noticed or appreciated it, had we not been such a chatty, open & reflective family.

So thank you.

(PLR/Quantum & hypotherpy clients.)

I had a wonderfully enriching three hours with Lyra who guided me expertly through various lives which related to a list of pre-prepared questions I had up my sleeve (… actually, to be honest, on a piece of folded piece of paper in my trouser pocket). The images and experiences that came up in my mind’s eye offered real insight into experiences, relationships and people in this lifetime. We had an equally fascinating discussion before and after the regression about related subjects. I look forward to my next visit!

(past life regression)

Laura Rogers - Somerset

Lyra made me feel so comfortable and safe from my first session, I was able to open up to her knowing everything was confidential. Within 8 sessions I have become more confident in myself and have accomplished many things that I have put off doing for years because I didn’t think I was good enough to do them. She has given me the tools so I can keep improving on my journey. I couldn’t recommend her enough.


(Coaching package )

"Life is an orchestra with it's high & low, long & short notes. In order for the planet to be singing her beautiful song, we must all be in tune . We don't necessarily have to be playing the same notes, but must all be in tune with our own instrument"
Channelled March 2017
from EdwinTurnbull (Composer & Conductor)

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